Golf is a throwing sport that, like the majority of these sports, necessitates the use of equipment. In golf, this piece of equipment is referred to as a golf club. Let us see the Golf Club shaft.

The clubhead, shaft, and grip are the three pieces that make up a golf club. These three elements can have a huge effect on the execution and outcome of your stroke, which is why it is important to pick the required golf equipment for your level and morphology.

golf club

A golfer can only bring 14 clubs at the start of a course, so making the right choice is crucial. A golf bag’s base will be a set of irons (usually consisting of six irons) and a golf putter, which will be used to finish the final shots on the greens.

A driver, fairway woods, hybrids, utility clubs, and wedges will round out your golf bag.

Different Golf Club Shaft

  • The driver, which has a graphite shaft, is the golf club that you will use to begin each hole. It allows the ball to fly the farthest distance. It normally opens between 8 and 13 degrees. Since the driver has the longest shaft and the smallest bag opening, it will be the most difficult to play.
  • The fairway wood Golf Clubs Types is a golf club with a graphite shaft that can be used both on the tee and on the fairway (without tee). It’s known as golf course wood because it’s usually used on the fairway to optimize reach.

There are various openings between 13 ° and 27 ° that will provide you with various distances.

  • The hybrid has a graphite shaft and was designed to replace your long irons (5 iron, 4 iron, or 3 iron, in general) in your iron range. It’s more convenient to use (especially in the rough) and produces a higher ball trajectory than your irons.
  • Depending on the player’s preferences, the utility or driving iron can be made with a graphite or steel shaft. This golf club tends to be reserved for golfers who can get the ball off the ground with a fast swing pace. 

golf club shaft

It was built for golfers who like the feel of iron but need a lot of distance with low/tight trajectories. It’s shaped like a “classic” shoe, but with a much wider sole for greater resistance.

It’s normally played off the tee, but it can also be used as a second shot on a par 5.

  • The series of irons are either made of steel (which is heavier and stiffer) or graphite (lighter and softer). The 3, 4, and 5 irons are usually used on the fairway for long distances, while the 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW irons are used for intermediate distances. Each number represents a particular opening (the loft) and therefore a precise distance.
  • Wedges are open irons made of steel or graphite with a loft (opening) of between 50 and 60 degrees. These golf club types cause the ball to be raised very high, causing it to roll very little on the green after impact.
  • The putter is the most crucial golf club in the kit, and it is made of steel. This one is graded separately due to its utility as well as its special shape. The putter is a golf club that is used to roll the ball into the hole, usually in the green.


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