Golf is an interesting game, to play on an open ground or golf clubs to play as a hobby or to play in a leisure time. Most of you may love to play this game with your friends, family, colleagues or more because this is a kind of game which people mostly love to play with their mates. If you are a beginner and you also want to start playing golf then, first of all, you should know that you have to give more time to the game.

For beginners, you have to know lots of things to understand about the game. At the very first thing if you want to play golf then you have to join a golf clubs which is very important. Wherever you live choosing a better and right club is very important, especially then when you are a beginner.

Golf Club

Here are a few points by which you can select the right golf club for yourself.

Length of Golf Clubs

When you are choosing a golf club then the length is something which is an important point. There are many clubs, who don’t take care of a length and make a golf ground according to their accommodation, but you are the one who should know this and have to take proper care of it that you get a proper ground which is right for the club. The shaft in the golf is flexible and it goes, very far when you start to play, with it this is a major reason why length matters.

Trouble shots

It can be a wrong and confusing scene when your golf ball, land on some kind of pit, sandpit, or some other trouble place. A right golf club should be clean, green, and well settled for shots. However, experienced players still know how to handle this but beginners will face a bigger problem if they have to manage these trouble shots.


Hybrids are the new kind of golf club, in the list of the clubs, it has about 2-8 iron loft. Now, these hybrid golf clubs are also suitable for beginners, these grounds have many advantages. Like, it has bigger ground and less Center of gravity.

golf play area

Loft of Golf Clubs

If you are a golf fan then you might be knowing, about this word and the importance of it in the golf club. The loft is an angle that tells you about the angle between the trajectory and affects distance. Experienced golfers know very well, what a is loft and how one can find it in the club. But most beginners have to struggle in this, they cannot notice the loft in a golf club, and hence they cannot understand the proper distance while throwing the ball in the pit. There is a combination of higher and lower spin which says about the trajectory of the ground. However, a distance of the ground is dependent on you but the angle of the ground should be right.


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