Playing badminton is very good. Below are some important points why you should start your adventure with badminton – Play Badminton.

Having fun

the will to compete and the need to move are important needs in human life. Considering badminton, we can easily satisfy both. The ability to play matches according to the rules gives a lot of satisfaction. Each dart hit, the easy one and the more difficult one will cause a smile on our face. The level of training or games can be easily adapted to the abilities of the exercisers, so from the very beginning, you can reap the benefits of badminton. If we burn calories with a smile on our face, what more could we want.

play badminton

Speed ​​of the game

Badminton is the fastest sport in the world. The aileron reaches a speed of 493 km / h, which is the current Guinness Record. In matches played at the highest level, hard hits can be observed in virtually every action. As for the more amateur edition, the speed will be very much dependent on the acquired technical skills. It is the correct technique that will allow us to hit the shuttle harder and, more importantly, we will be able to direct the hit where we want. The badminton court is relatively small (for example – compared to tennis) and the shuttle cannot touch the floor, which significantly accelerates our reaction and speed of movement.

Develops reflexes

As mentioned before, the shuttle cannot touch the ground. Reaction speed will be a very important feature during the game. The situation in which our opponent hits the shuttle will make you want to play it back as soon as possible. The varied speed of the shuttlecocks you play will have a very large impact on the reflex and the previously mentioned reaction.

Develops agility

The ability to quickly change direction and perform a large number of lunges and returns to the starting position will significantly improve agility. The ability to coordinate the movements of the racket with the work of the legs will directly affect the development of agility. The varied pace of the game will require smooth strokes in the direction of impact and smooth returns to the starting position to Play Badminton.

A lot of effort

Badminton is an interval sport. The variability in the type of effort is felt with each action. This is the end of shortness of breath, which can be annoying in everyday functioning. During the game, speed and endurance effort prevails, which has a large impact on increasing the heart rate almost to the maximum. As we know, this type of work is characterized by high energy demand and hence high combustion. Already at the beginning of the adventure with badminton, after learning the basics of moving around the court, fuel consumption is at the level of 300/400 kcal / h and later it reaches even 1200 kcal / h.

These values are even higher among professional badminton players. High oxygen consumption throughout the game, as well as the number of kilometers covered on the court, has a significant influence on decreasing blood sugar levels, and frequent badminton training can enhance the body’s glucose balance. The effort used throughout the game lowers the chance of having a heart attack and improves the circulatory system and the circulatory system in the body. Having to do a lot of lunges activates the buttocks and thigh muscles. Deep lunges need us to maintain our balance, which works the deep muscles that are important for maintaining our body posture.

play badminton

Develops eye-hand coordination

Most sports in basic education involve our arms or legs in direct contact with the ball (volleyball, basketball, or football), which allows us to limit the coordination of hands and eyes. We don’t need to look for distance to make contact with the ball. This is not the case with badminton. The rocket is about 70 cm, this will be our distance from the shuttle. This distance will use your eye-hand coordination skills. This will have a positive impact on all manual activities in our daily life. I have heard many times that badminton equipment is the basic sports equipment in the army, and there, eye-hand coordination is very important.

Badminton is the same health !!!


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