Playing badminton is one of the best forms of spending time actively outdoors. You don’t need a professional pitch – all you need is a little space in the yard and a badminton set to ensure a lot of fun for the whole family. What should you know about this sport?

Badminton Rules And Scoring

The general rules are very similar to playing tennis or volleyball – with the racket you must hit the shuttle in such a way that it is on the other side of the net, on the opponent’s part of the pitch. You can play both one-on-one and in pairs.


In professional competitions, a badminton court is similar to a tennis court, but its dimensions are slightly smaller. It should be 13.4 m long and 6.1 m wide and should be divided in the middle by a net 155 cm high. The court also has double edges – side parts used when playing with twos. However, if you do not have enough space to create a professional badminton court, an improvised pitch of similar dimensions will suffice.

Each match is led to two sets won (2-0 or 2: 1), up to 21 points without errors. Just like in volleyball, with a 20:20 draw, there should be a two-point advantage with 30 being the finishing point. After the end of the first set, the court changes sides.

During the service, everyone must remain within the service court until the shuttle is struck by the racket. The server must hit the shuttle while standing behind the line dividing his side of the court and, in order to avoid a foul, the shuttle must go beyond the same line on the opponent’s court.

Badminton Equipment

You need the right equipment to play. The badminton set consists of rackets and shuttlecocks. The racket should be made of a strong material (e.g. steel, aluminum, carbon fiber) and be very light: its weight is only 110 g!

In ailerons, the most important thing is the speed it can reach and the low weight. For beginners, nylon shuttles are recommended, which are more durable and less damaged. Professional shuttlecocks are made of feathers (real or artificial) and have a cork base.

The Benefits Of Playing Badminton

Badminton is a simple sport that does not require a lot of experience and at the same time will keep you in great shape. As unrealistic as it may seem, an hour of intense badminton gameplay can burn up to 500 calories. This, combined with competition and great fun, allows you to lose a lot of unnecessary kilograms in a short time.

playing badminton

This game will also help you improve your reflexes, increase your concentration and strengthen muscles that you had no idea existed before. It’s also a great way to bond with your loved ones by having fun outdoors.

Playing badminton on a regular basis will improve your health and lung capacity. Finally, you will no longer have the vexing shortness of breath when mounting the stairs. Running, leaping, and racket swings all work the muscles in your legs, arms, and buttocks, so badminton will also help you shape your body and slim down.


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