Table tennis can be played by anyone. The game’s rules are straightforward. In a nutshell, the entire game revolves around bouncing the ball in such a way that the opponent (or opponents) does not score a point. 

table tennis

Simultaneously, you must strike the ball in such a way that our adversary is unable to protect it. The opponent scores a point if we make an error. To match, you’ll need a special table, rackets, and balls. Learn how to play table tennis.

Basic Rules Of Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is one of the most common sports in the world. While it appears to be easy, it necessitates a high level of concentration, reflexes, and health. Ping-pong is also associated with “passing a ball lazily to one another across a table and rackets” by those who have never played it. 

The true game of table tennis, on the other hand, has little to do with laziness. Two people or two teams of two people play against each other during the match. It all depends on what kind of game you’re playing.

The players share a table, which serves as the game’s foundation. Their mission is to pierce the table tennis ball so that it bounces on the opponent’s field while not being played by him. 

If the opponent is still capable of playing the ball, he can make a mistake. Here’s where we get a point. A special table tennis racket is used to play ping-pong. To play, you’ll need a tennis table with precise dimensions and form.

Ping-pong – Rules Of The Game

The game begins with the ball being placed in play (who serves is chosen randomly). A pass from the starting player introduces the ball. Tossing the ball and striking it with the racket in such a way that it bounces twice from our half of the table before landing directly on the opponent’s field is known as passing. 

ping pong

If we pick up the ball, we must do so so that it lands on the opponent’s field first. The ball may bounce off the net before landing on the opposite side of the table. The game continues until one of the players misses a shot or makes an error.

Points in table tennis are awarded when:

  • If your opponent fails to make the proper pass or receipt,
  • The ball does not reach the receiving player’s field after being hit by an opponent.
  • The ball is hit by the opponent more than once,
  • Will alter the playing surface and thus the match’s outcome,
  • A freehand (not holding the racket) will come into contact with the table’s surface.
  • And when the opponent is unable to return the ball after it has been correctly played.

Table tennis is commonly played in three-set matches. Matches will last up to four minutes at higher-level competitions. A collection consists of 11 points. The person who gets to this number first wins. 

If both players have ten points, the player who earns a two-point advantage first wins. The individual passing the ball changes every two points. The game is ahead in the case of a very even set, so the server switches every point. The player who wins the required number of sets first wins the entire match.


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