Badminton is a sport played by two or four players. Players have a small size of the court at their disposal depending on the game variant. Learn the fundamentals of badminton. Learn how to serve, where to serve, and how to set up a badminton court.


Badminton – Rules Of The Game

A badminton match can last up to two sets. A collection consists of 21 points. If the players are tied, the third set is played. The game is up to two points ahead if the score is 20:20. A serve initiates the game. A lottery determines who serves first. The individual who won the previous set serves in subsequent sets.

Service Rules For Badminton:

  • the serving player may not take his feet off the playing court,
  • The badminton racket must be positioned under the player’s hand.
  • The shuttlecock must be below the server’s deck.
  • the serving person and the receiving player are to stand diagonally in the playing field,
  • The shuttle should strike the net; if it lands on the opponent’s field, we score a point; if it lands on the outs, the opponent scores a point.

On opposite sides of the playing field, the players are assigned to their respective spaces. If they have zero or even points, they must stand on the right side of the serve. The server must serve from the left side of the playing court when he has an odd number of points. If the opponent misses the shuttle or makes an error, a point is awarded. When the shuttle lands on the field but hits the ground outside of the field, it is considered a mistake.

Badminton Court – Dimensions

The badminton court is shaped like a rectangle with dimensions of 13.40 by 6.10 meters. The badminton net should be uniformly distributed in the middle of the court and hung at a height of 155 cm (the top edges of the net at the posts), with the top edge of the net at a height of 152 cm in the centre of the court. The net itself must be made of dark string and have very precise mesh lengths, which must be between 15 and 20 mm.

The playing field covers the entire court and is defined by lines. They should be brightly coloured, ideally white or yellow, and easily visible. In singles, side corridors are disabled. On both sides of the pitch, there are small spaces. 

In doubles, the service area of the court is on the half-court, with no net and a back aisle. In a singles game, on the other hand, the service area takes up half of the court and is devoid of a field, a net, or a side corridor.


How Does A Player Have To Prepare To Play Badminton?

First and foremost, he must be familiar with the International Badminton Federation’s rules of play (IBF). This organization is in charge of determining if the rackets or badminton shuttlecocks in use meet the standards and can be used. Professional badminton clothing will be needed, and it may include sponsor logos in the event of official competitions.

Check the racket once before the match start. If possible, replace the racket wraps with new ones. We must stay in shape, just like every other sport. Badminton is a sport that necessitates fast reflexes and reaction time.


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