Scholarships For Students In Sports – A New Law

The ordinance of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of March 19, 2019, on scholarships of the minister responsible for internal affairs granted to students for important scientific or sporting achievements, was published in the Journal of Laws of 2019 under item 637.

The scholarships for a given academic year may be awarded to a student. Who completed the previous academic year’s year of study and is enrolled in the following academic year for the next year of study as specified in the study plan, or who was admitted to second-cycle studies and made significant achievements during the study period.

Academic Year Scholarships

Significant Sporting Accomplishments Are Characterised In The Following Ways:

1) occupation in person or team classification in sports competitions covered by the programme of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, or deaf Games in which sports associations compete, as described in the Act on Sport of June 25, 2010 (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1263, as amended; hereinafter: SportU), at least:

  • a) Sixteenth spot in the Olympic, Paralympic, or Deaf Games,
  • b) Placing eighth in the world championship,
  • c) A sixth-place finish in the European Championships;
  • d) A third-place finish at the World or European Youth Championships,
  • e) First place in the senior championship
  • e) First place in the senior division of the championship,
  • f) In competitions for people with disabilities, the places listed in point (a);

2) Achieving at least third place in an individual or team competition in a sport in which sports associations, referred to as SportU, work, in Universiade, 

  • a) The world academic championships,
  • b) The European Academic Championships;
  • c) The European Academic Games;
  • d) The European Academic Games;
  • e) The European Student Games, which are held every two years.

Academic Year Scholarships

The scholarships are granted at the request of the student for a specific academic year, which is sent to the university rector via the head of the university’s organisational unit. The application is submitted within the time limit set by the university’s rector or the head of the university’s organisational unit, and students are informed of the deadline for submitting applications in the usual manner at the university. Documents demonstrating important accomplishments must be submitted with the submission.

Students In Sports

The Active Development Academy Foundation is the official representative of Pro Futuro Sports, an international association. Our shared aim in American high schools and colleges is to combine education with high-level sports participation.

Cooperation with hundreds of high schools and colleges. Across the United States is focused on an objective evaluation of students’ athletic and scientific potential. We complete the entire recruiting process for the school or university. That we believe will have the greatest effect on the growth of athletic talent.

Scholarships are provided to athletes in both individual and team sports who have met at least one 

The Following Criteria In The Year Prior To Receiving The Scholarships:

1) participated in the Olympic or Paralympic Games,

2) competed in the senior, young, junior, or junior categories at the World Championships or European Championships, or represented at the Youth Olympic Games,

3) took part in the key Senior Championships and won a trophy.

4) They won gold in disabled sports at the World Championships and the European Championships.

5) Medalists in team sports games for adults, teenagers, juniors, or younger juniors at the Championships.


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