In a couple of days, Flick’s signature under a federation agreement? “It’s likely that a swift agreement will be reached.” Hans-Dieter Flick was unknown to many fans just a year and a half ago. The 56-year-old trainer has become one of the most well-known in the world. He will leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season to become the German national team’s coach. – The deal will last until the 2024 Euros, which will be kept in Germany, according to the daily “Abendzeitung.” In this article, you will see more information about highlights in games.

This weekend, the Bundesliga is not in action. Bayern Munich has more than a week to prepare for their match against Borussia Moenchengladbach on May 8. The players will have two days off after Friday’s practice. For the title, only one victory is needed. Munich is comfortably in first place on the table, but they need one more win to win the league for the 31st time and for the ninth time in a row. With three queues remaining before the end of the season, he is currently seven points ahead of RB Leipzig.

Flick, who led the team to all possible trophies last season, will say his goodbyes to the players after the final games of the season – FC Augsburg on May 22 – and take over as coach of our western neighbors’ national team. At the very least, anything points in that direction. After the European Championships in June and July, he will take over for Joachim Loew, who is stepping down after a string of failures in recent years. There seems to be no doubt in the DFB, i.e. the German union, that this will happen.

Highlights In Games

Final Games Session

Before the next match, there will be an agreement. “Flick is seen as an excellent candidate,” writes Maximilian Koch of Abendzeitung, “and has stated its interest in replacing Loew.” “As a result, in discussions with DFB director Oliver Bierhoff, you can expect a swift agreement. It could happen before the match in Moenchengladbach, but it will certainly happen before the start of the European championship (June 11). According to reports, the deal will be extended until the 2024 Euros, which will be kept in Germany “, Koch adds. The number of assistants from Bayern Flick’s coaching team who will be brought in to work with the staff is still unknown. It’s possible that Miroslav Klose and Danny Roehl will join him in the squad.

Bargiel Accomplished A Historical Feat. He Was The First To Leave The Yawash Sar Ii After Winning Games.

Andrzej Bargiel is having a special day. On Friday, the 33-year-old became the first person to ski down the Pakistani Yawash Sar II summit. On April 20, Bargiel and the rest of the team embarked on their journey. They arrived at the wall of Yawash Sar II (6178 m) on Thursday and immediately began climbing the previously unclimbed peak. From Thursday to Friday, Bargiel and his assistant Jdrzej Baranowski stayed in the camp at an altitude of 5,100 metres. Bargiel launched a successful summit assault on Friday at 4 a.m. local time.


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