Field hockey is a team sport that is similar to both floorball and ice hockey. Field hockey is also known as hockey, and it is popular in countries where ice hockey is not as popular. Field hockey is a developing sport that is also a lot of fun for kids. It is an Olympic discipline (first appearing in the Olympics in 1908), but it is also a growing sport. You only need suitable athletic shoes, shin pads, and, of course, a field hockey stick made of wood, composites, or compounds when it comes to field hockey equipment.

Official Hockey Stick

History And Present Of Field Hockey

Field hockey is a team sport played in many countries that is similar to ice hockey and floorball, or indoor hockey, in terms of rules. Field hockey games are played on a grass field in an open area, as the name implies. The origins of this discipline can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. Archaeological evidence suggests that a game with horns (similar to modern hockey sticks) and a ball was played at the time. The competition was most likely held in both a team and one-on-one format. A similar form of entertainment was common in China, where a game known as beikou was played.

The Field Hockey Law

The criteria for player attire, equipment specifications, and the pitch are all clearly described in the field hockey rules. To begin with, matches in this sport are played by teams of eleven players plus five substitutes. But it’s easy to see how field hockey and football are close, with both teams having eleven players but just three replacements.

A field hockey game lasts 75 minutes in total (two parts of 35 minutes each and one five-minute break). The game is played on a field hockey field with dimensions of 91.40 x 55 metres. The targets are 2.14 x 3.66 m, according to the rules. Tossing a tiny ball into the opposing team’s goal is a lot of fun. Of course, the team with the higher score wins. Importantly, players can only hit the ball with the flat side or edge of the stick. Some laws in children’s field hockey have been altered (e.g. goal height, match duration).

Investing In A Hockey Stick

If you’re thinking about buying a hockey stick or a street riding stick, think about your skill level, height, and riding style. Hockey sticks are usually made of wood or a mixture of materials, and they come with a variety of flexes. This guide will assist you in selecting the right stick for your requirements.

If you’re playing ice hockey or street hockey, having the right club is crucial. When buying a stick, there are many factors to consider, including the stick’s material, flex (tension), the height in relation to the stick, and which hand is dominant.

Ice And Street Cycling With Hockey Sticks

Ice skating, street skating, ice hockey skating, and roller skating all require the same height of hockey stick. Nonetheless, a single stick cannot be used for any of the above riding styles. Some sticks are better for ice hockey, and others are better for street hockey, roller hockey, or roller skating. Sticks are traditionally made of wood, and since they are thicker and heavier, they are better suited for hockey on roller skates and roller skates.


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