Tennis sport is a unique sport that almost everyone is familiar with whether from watching it on TV or attempting to begin an adventure with it. However, few people can tell what the rules of tennis. Are how a tennis match should be played correctly when playing or watching the game on the tennis court. 

They will seem confusing at first, but after consciously learning them, all will become clearer. And you will no longer be perplexed when you hear terms like tie-break or breakpoint.

Tennis Court – Dimensions And Types Of Surfaces

Each tennis sport match is played on a tennis court, the dimensions of which should be

  • 23.78 meters in length
  • 8.23 meters in width in a singles game,
  • 10.97 meters in a doubles game.

Both types of games are played on the same court, with sidelines marking the area for each of them. 

In addition, inside the playing field, on each side of the court. There are additional lines that define the so-called Service fields 6.4 m long and 4.12 m wide. Each player will have to hit them during his service, which I will mention later. A 91.5 cm high net passes through the center of the court, dividing it into two sides. There are four types of tennis court surfaces:

Ground Courts (whose surfaces are coated with so-called green or red flour) are distinguished by the higher ball bouncing at a slower pace.

Hard Courts (which have a concrete or asphalt surface) have a swift and medium-high rebound of the ball.

Carpet Courts (whose surface is a combination of plastics and is built on parquet, asphalt, or concrete) replacements last on average longer than grass courts, but are shorter than clay or hard courts.

Grass Courts (as the name implies, the surface is grass) allow the ball to bounce quickly and low due to the reduced friction.


Tennis Sport – Game Rules – Game, Set, Match

Points, games, and sets are all part of a tennis match. The game continues until one of the players wins two or three sets. Depending on the type of tournament or the gender of the players.

Gem – How To Count Points In It?

They are won by each player when they win a rally against an opponent who hits the net or does not correctly pick up the ball. It does not get it to the other side of the court until 2 hits on the surface. Or touches the ball twice with the racket, or touches it directly on the site until it bounces onto the turf. 

The first exchange is worth 15 points, the second is worth 30, the third is worth 40, and the fourth is worth a game. The only exception is in the case of “balance,” which occurs when both teams have 40 points and the game is tied at two points advantage.

How Many Games Do You Win A Set?

Points are used in games. By default, a set is played up to 6 games won, with the loser winning up to 4 games. If the games are tied at 5-5, one of the players will win the set 7-5. But if the games are tied at 6-6, a tie break (to determine who wins the set) will be played. In which you get single points by playing up to 7 wins with a two-point advantage. 

Winning the tie-break means you’ve won the set. In most tournaments, a two-set win is a complete match win, but in the Grand Slam tournaments (series of the four most important tennis tournaments of the season), all matches are played to three sets won.


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