You should consider how you will learn to play volleyball in practice. To play a successful game, you must first stand correctly: your legs should always be bent so that you can jump rapidly at any time, and your legs should be shoulder-width apart for more player mobility. To respond swiftly and hit the ball, keep your hands in front of you. The body weight is transmitted to the socks in this situation – Playing Volleyball.

Beginner-friendly Feeds

The service is the foundation of the game; the match or set begins with it. The talent of serving is the first thing that new volleyball players learn because a good attack can result in rapid points for the team and even change the game’s outcome.

 playing volleyball

You can serve the ball from the end line or wherever else as long as you don’t go beyond the side markings. Beginners’ punches are usually made from the bottom or from the side. Jump and overhead kicks are performed by more experienced players and professionals.

Passing And Receiving The Ball

As soon as one of the teams launches an attack, their opponents must accept the challenge and throw the ball to their teammates. The ball cannot be touched by the same player twice unless he blocks, and the ball cannot be touched by the players’ hands more than three times. That is, a player can transfer the ball to a teammate, who will either toss the ball over the net or pass it to a third friend, who must already be attacking the opponent. The contestants are awarded one point if the third player passes to the fourth player or fails to assault.

It is sufficient to stand under the ball in this position and push it towards the opposing team with your hands, or to pass the ball to a member of your team.

What Is The Best Way To Place A Block?

The blocking player’s job is to stop the opponent’s attack and keep the ball from touching the ground on his team’s side of the court.

The player on the block is right next to the net. While the ball is on the opposite side of the field, he keeps an eye on it. The blocking player must orient himself in time and sprint up to where the opponent’s attack is expected to land and hit the ball. The player can absorb the hit from both a standing and a jumping stance over the net.

The most important thing is that he does not touch the net with his hands. At the same time, touching the net with the legs or body is prohibited; this will be counted as a mistake, and the point will be awarded to the opponent. Blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

  • single;
  • double;
  • Triple

The number of people who are standing on the block varies amongst them. In school physical education classes or amateur sports, the single block is increasingly common. Professional tournaments are usually organized with two or three people in this position participating.

Playing Volleyball

You must train extensively and be on the same wavelength with a companion in order to work in pairs or trios of playing volleyball.

Otherwise, you may damage each other accidentally during the game.

The tallest and most jumping athletes who can swiftly act and assess the situation are usually positioned on the block.


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