Cricket is a team sport where participants compete against one another using a bat and ball. A field is used for games that feature eleven players per team. 

What cricketing gear is required?

You’ll need the following items to play:

  • Two bats, at the very least
  • There are a total of six stumps
  • There were four catches
  • A round object

Is cricket your favorite sport?:

Each team in a match consists of 11 players. The twelfth player, or reserve player, is generally present. When a player is wounded or needs a break from the game, this extra takes their place. Only one of the twelve players is permitted to bowl, bat, or lead the team in any capacity. 

Reserve Player

All they’re doing is assisting a  Cricket player who has been forced to quit the game due to injury. During this match, one team plays defense, and the other team plays offense. Score more runs than your opponent’s team in this game. An ‘over’ will be bowled by the bowler. There are six balls in each over. A batsman has the option of scoring one through six runs off of each delivery. 

The hitters score a run. One batter smashes the ball and rushes toward the opposite end of the field, exchanging places with the other batter, still in the area. One run is scored if both batters rush to the opposite side of the pitch. If the batters hit the ball more than once, a single ball can score more than one run. 

If a hitter smashes the ball into the outfield fence, they can also score a run. Whenever a ball is hit along the ground and to the Cricket boundary, it is worth four runs. A home run is worth six runs if it hits the fence. Before turning to bowl, each batting team is allowed to take a total of ten wickets.

Despite its simplicity, the game is made more exciting and competitive by the presence of the opposition team. A more accurate translation would be that they want to get the hitters “out,” which implies they wish to exit the game. 

What are the many roles?

Batter's Position

A person who bowls the ball is known as a bowler. The batter’s relative position about the bowler is called the batter’s position. Non-striker: The hitter on the other side of the diamond from the striker, next to the bowler. The member of the fielding team assigned to the striker’s end of the field is known as the “wicketkeeper.” Each team can take ten wickets before switching to the bowling attack. 

How do you “out” a hitter?

In this game the bowler’s goal is to remove the batsman from the competition. They can do this in a variety of ways, including: The batter strikes the ball, but one of the fielders snags it before touching the turf. If a ball strikes the stumps, the hitter is out, and a nail falls off.

The ball strikes the batter with the stumps directly behind him; we have a case the leg before the wicket. The umpire believes that if the player’s leg had not been in the way, the ball would have proceeded on its path toward stumps and been caught. It happens when the hitter hits the wickets behind him by accident. 

What are umpires’ hand gestures?

Two umpires are generally present throughout a match to keep an eye out for any rule violations and to keep track of the runs scored by each team. Both teams can enjoy a fair game in this manner. Umpires in Cricket employ certain hand gestures and signs to indicate when a player is out. 

Rule Violations


Four runs are immediately scored for one’s side when a batter hits a ball, and it bounces over the outfield fence in Cricket.


Catching or stumping the batter.


Six runs are scored immediately for the batter’s team when he smacks the ball over the fence and does not bounce.

In a nutshell:

It occurs when a batter returns to the other wicket without stepping on any ground behind the crease.

It’s one short for the umpire.

It’s a new one:

A new ball is used mainly in test matches when the old one has worn out, but children may also benefit from a new ball in their possession. The umpire signals the fresh ball.

Wide shot:

For a batter to hit the ball, their bat must send the ball far enough away from the hitter. The umpire is signaling a wide ball.


There isn’t a ball here:

While bowling, the bowler crosses the crease to deliver the ball. The umpire in Cricket is indicating the ball. He has been ruled out.

What is the general appearance of a pitch?

A huge oval-shaped field is used to play Cricket. The pitch is a rectangular section of this field’s middle. Should draw a boundary line around the outside of the field to keep it from expanding too far. The bowler’s ‘pitch’ is when he delivers the ball to the batsman of the other team. 

In what period is a match played?

There are two halves of a  game, each consisting of an assigned number of ‘overs.’ The first pitch of an inning marks the start of a baseball game; an inning is considered complete if all of the batters are struck out (as is the case in baseball). You can change this number for entertaining games as long as both teams are equal. 

Instead, they would say that they want to get the batters “out,” which means they want them to leave the game before it starts. When it comes to professional sports, a game might go on for days or even weeks, depending on the competition. Test matches, as they are known, typically run for two to five days. 

Children’s cricket history:

According to historical records, England is supposed to have held the first-ever match as early as 1646. Sporting a variety of regional, national, and international levels, it remains one of the oldest sports in existence.  They are known as the World Cup. It is one of the most widely recognized competitions in the world today, and it is held in England every four years.

Red Ball

In 2019, it projected that approximately ten men’s teams competed, with Bangladesh and India among those who took part. They could get into the tournament since they had a good record in previous games. Once every four years, it is held similarly to the Olympic Games or Rugby World Cup.

All About the World Cup PowerPoint by UKS2 is a good resource for teaching your students. All you need to get UKS2 students excited about the next Cricket season is this book filled with colorful images, interesting facts, and a quiz question.

What are players wearing?:

They use a bat and a ball to play the game. A Cricket player’s uniform consists of long pants, a shirt with either long or short sleeves, and shoes. The spikes on the cricketers’ shoes help them keep their footing while they sprint. In games in which a conventional red ball is utilized, the uniform must be white or off-white.

If the ball is white, players may don their team colors. It is not uncommon for players in baseball games to wear a helmet, gloves, and leg pads to protect themselves from injury. Besides gloves and leg pads, wicketkeepers might also wear helmets. All other players, except hitters, are not permitted to wear protective equipment


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