Each golfer’s physical abilities and swing are unique. The lie angle, shaft type, and length, and grip type, and size of many of today’s greatest golf clubs may all be customized. Custom fitting golf clubs entails a few simple measurements and a fast self-evaluation of your game. Even non-professional golfers are testing the waters of this personalized golf club, which has become more than a fad.

The process of adapting a golf club to your specific swings known as custom fitting.

Regardless of your skill level, the goal of a custom golf club is to ensure that if you make a decent swing, the club will be square at impact and generate a straight shot.

custom fitting

How to Make a Custom Golf Club:

You’ll need the following information to custom fit your golf clubs: your gender (male or female); your height in stockings or socks; the distance between your wrist (where it bends) and the floor with your shoes off; your age; your handicap or ability level; how fast you swing a golf club; and the club you use at the 150-yard marker.

Genders used to place you on the appropriate bespoke golf club fitting scale. For men and women, the golf industry has distinct definitions of “standard length.”

The length of a personalized golf club that is appropriate for you is determined by combining your height and the distance in inches from your wrist to the floor. From females to men + 1 12 inches, the beginning point for club length can vary up to 3 12 inches. A tall person with long arms may need shorter clubs than someone of medium height with short arms. Around 80% of golfers are of standard height.

Your age, handicap (if applicable), self-assessed skill level, predicted golf swing speed, and club used at the 150-yard marker are all factors that go into determining the shaft flex of the personalized golf club that is right for you.

Your slices fixed with custom fitting. If you slice the ball, it signifies the club’s toe is leading into the ball, opening the club’s face. That could be due to a swing flaw, or it could be due to the club being too flat. To aid with this, you can make the custom golf club more upright as part of the custom fitting procedure. To compensate, the toe of the club will be slightly raised off the ground at the address.

According to bespoke golf club makers, there are various techniques of fitting, but they all aim to improve your game. Simple measurements like wrist-to-floor, height, and hand size are obtained first, and these will steer you in the proper direction.

According to bespoke golf club makers, there are various techniques of fitting, but they all aim to improve your game. To begin, simple measurements such as wrist-to-floor, height, and hand size are obtained, which will help you determine the appropriate club size and angle to the ground. Then you’ll grab a club and start hitting some balls. Impact tape on the bottom of the bespoke golf club and an impact board on the floor are two methods.

custom fitting

The board will leave a mark on the tape when you hit the ball, indicating whether the bespoke golf club’s heel or toe is contacting the ground first. The resulting mark indicates whether the clubface lowered or raised. Then things start to get a little more complicated. To obtain the most distance out of your shot, analysis equipment can analyze everything from your club speed to the side spin of the ball. You may also track the ball’s launch angle, backspin, and impact efficiency, all of which have an impact on distance. The angle at which your personalized golf club approaches the ball, as well as its sidespin, can help you improve your game.

It could be wiser to start from scratch rather than bringing down your old clubs. It’s a common misunderstanding that bespoke fitting is only for accomplished golfers. Anyone can gain from it. However, if you plan to upgrade to a new set of clubs from the same manufacturer, they capable to customize your current set.

A custom-fit will not eliminate all of your bad shots. Coaching will take care of that. However, if you execute a decent swing, the bespoke golf club will arrive at impact in the proper position and should deliver a straight shot to your objective. This alone will help you save shots during a game.


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