Due to weather conditions, Ice hockey skate is one of the four most popular professional sports. One of the sports most often associated with the winter season is ice hockey. What is the history of this sport, how has it evolved over the years so that we can enjoy it in its modern form?

History Of The Ice Hockey Skate Sport

The first “matches” were played on the panes of frozen lakes, and instead of skating skates, ordinary shoes were most likely used, and the role of today’s puck was played by a small flat stone. But let’s start right from the beginning.

Canada is the cradle and the land of an ice hockey skate. It was there at the beginning of the 19th century. It was created based on previously cultivated shiny and lacrosse games. 

ice hockey player

The first ice hockey game was played in 1855 with Canadian Royal Canadian Rifles soldiers stationed in Halifax and Kingston. In Europe, ice hockey emerged in the first years of the twentieth century, replacing the previously known hockey-bandy-variety.

Rules And Regulation

The team consists of 6 players (goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 3 forwards) who use ice hockey skate. The competitors are secured by protective equipment. You can enter a maximum of 22 players (2 goaltenders, 4 pairs of defensemen, and 4 three forwards) in the game, and change them any number of times. A team may not have more than 6 or less than 4 players on the ice during any period of the game.

The effective time of the game is 60 minutes.-3 periods of 20 minutes; between periods of 15 minutes. Teams change the field of play after the first and second periods. Overtime (if not playoff) is 10 minutes of effective play (5 minutes in NHL). The game ends with a goal scored in extra time. Each team is entitled to one, 30 seconds a break during the match. The game starts (also after the goal has been scored) with the main referee in the middle of the rink.

What Is An Ice Hockey skate?

Ice hockey is mostly ice skating. While it may turn out that figure skates will be a better choice for recreational riding, in the case of ice hockey, ice hockey skates are definitely a better choice. The first type of skateboard is good for those who have already mastered the basics of skateboarding and want to excel in jumping, pirouettes, and spirals.

The skids on the figure skates are heavy and have an impact on the speed and maneuverability of the skates. Ice hockey skates, on the other hand, are more stable, their skids are narrower and shorter, allowing you to better control the ride and keep your balance on the ice.

ice hockey skating

The ice hockey skate is relatively short and curved to the ends. It is also partially embedded in plastic and made of stainless steel. Despite its aggressive nature, this type of ice skate is recommended for beginners as its rigid and impact-resistant construction helps to stabilize the foot better. It’s also an option for those who want to drive fast and aggressively.


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