Badminton is one of the great sport for people who wants to be fit. It is the only game that suits people of all age groups and an outstanding choice for those who want to give racket sport a go. This article will help you to know about badminton and why one should start playing this Sport Of Fitness.

Badminton is officially said to be the fastest sport among all other racket sports. In badminton, the players can hit the cork to the maximum speed of 180mph (288kph) in the direction of their opponent. But it is not only on speed; it is expected that during a match, the players can run up to four miles (6.4 km) all over the court. This sport requires stamina, agility, speed, strength and Sport Of Fitness.

Sport Of Fitness

So, it is important that at the time of competition, the players should be aware of their stamina and agility. Badminton is a universal game, which anyone can play despite their age and also for the Sport Of Fitness people.

The appeal of badminton:

In the first place, badminton is no longer a tough sport to get selected, even beginners with less or no knowledge about this sport can learn and can play with ease.

It is not such a big deal to start playing badminton, this sport can be played with the minimum equipment. If you have a plan to join in the nearby clubs which are open to the public, you can demand the equipment you need or else can be rented. 

Badminton helps people to get stronger and healthier, it also makes one’s body fit and active. The movement we make when we play this sport like jumps and crushes will develop the leg muscles and make them stronger. 

Badminton is not only a sport to play, it also helps us to make a way to meet new people and also helps us to socialize with them.

The process to start badminton:

If you have a plan to learn and move forward with badminton, you may think about the badminton club which is available at your local stations. Badminton is a sport where most people love to play, so it is obvious that there will be numerous clubs to make choices so it won’t be difficult to discover one near you. 

It is concerned that the joining fees for badminton clubs reasonable, but it may vary from one club to the other depending upon the facilities, memberships, and surroundings. Joining a badminton club will help you to learn faster and you will have the chance to play with other students so that you can develop your playing styles.

Required gear for badminton:


It is important to purchase suitable footwear for badminton. All the players who played the game or just watched the game as an audience will have knowledge about the speed at which players go forward all around the court. Players will continuously change their directions and their speed while playing on the court is important to win the game.

Badminton rackets

There are various rackets obtainable. People should purchase rackets on the basis of their needs, so people need not be worried about purchasing rackets.

The prices of the sports equipment may vary depending on the equipment size and quality. So, it is advised to choose the equipment which is affordable and the one which matches your standard. The wise decision is to choose lightweight rackets for beginners.

Different rackets are designed and manufactured depending on players’ strengths like power rackets, game improvement rackets, tweener rackets, and so on… Players should think about their playing style and strengths while choosing and purchasing their rackets. 


Sport Of Fitness

Shuttlecock plays a major role in the sport of badminton. The shuttlecock is also called “Birdie”. This shuttlecock is made up of two types one is designed with authentic feathers and the other is designed with nylon. The one which is made up of feathers is considered to be more costly than the nylon cork, but the costly one won’t last longer than the cheaper ones. So, beginners are to begin badminton with the nylon cork.

Badminton sets

Even Though badminton requires minimum equipment you should set up the surroundings to play this sport. If you have adequate space, it is advised to make setups with rackets, shuttlecocks, and nets to begin your badminton practice.


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