Nobody knows exactly where and when the history of golf game was born. Legend has it that it was invented by Scottish sheep shepherds who hit the stone with a stick, the first records of the game come from 1457, it is also known that Maria Stuart liked to play golf game and the first golf club was founded in the mid-18th century.

History Of Golf Game 

The genealogy of the golf game remains unclear today. Supposedly, in medieval Europe, there were several games of hitting a small wooden ball with metal clubs at a target. In the West, in the streets of France and Italy, pallemaille was played passionately (when the game arrived in England in the 17th century, a playing area was built in the center of London, which is still called the Pall Mall). Chole matches were played in large open spaces of Belgian cities, and cola drinks were played at Dutch ice rinks. It can be concluded that it was the Dutch sailors who “brought their golf” to England and Scotland.

history of golfgame

Historical sources report that in 1457, the King of Scotland, James IV, issued an edict forbidding the game to his subjects who devoted time to compulsory archery practice. However, the ban was quickly lifted after only five years. The king himself began to play golf game very willingly and passionately. He is credited with the spread of the game (in a form similar to the one we know today) in England and Scotland.

Golf Game Popularity

The golf game has grown in popularity at an alarming rate since then. In the sixteenth century, he gained great fame, among others, thanks to Queen Maria Stuart (a French woman who often played in the so-called caddy) and King Charles. It was during this time (in 1552) that the first golf course in St Andrews was built, which still exists today and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The 18th century was a continuation of the great heyday of golf. At that time, not only clubs that function to this day were created (in 1744 The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith was established), but also the first written rules of the game were created. In the same year, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews introduced the first rules. No replacement of the ball during the game, no removal of small natural obstacles, no play with the opponent’s ball Just 5 years later, the famous St Andrews Society of Golfers club was created, in 1759 the game was presented in the Stroke Play format. In 1764 the tournament was played for the first time on an 18-hole course (which later became a tradition). 

Golf In America 

Golf was brought to America (in 1786) by Scottish officers and it took a good 100 years for the game to take root in the New Continent. The first real American club was founded in 1873 in Montreal, Canada.


The imperial British policy of the nineteenth century became a significant driving force behind the development of golf. The game made its way east. Clubs opened in India, Mumbai, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Nowadays, golf is popular all over the world. He gained amazing fame, developed a unique image, and won the hearts of huge crowds. It is undoubtedly the most dynamically developing sport.  With the advancement of civilization, more countries in Asia and South America join the group of fans of this discipline. It is already estimated that over 150 million people around the world cultivate it. Few know that they have more active fans than football or tennis. As a curiosity, it can be cited that over 100,000 people can cheer on a golf tournament during 1 tournament.

Today golf tournaments are played in the competition of amateurs and professionals, women and men, individually and in teams. Professional golfers are among the highest-paid athletes in the world.


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