The sport of soccer is generally called ‘Football’, which is called by various names in various countries. In soccer there are many more chances to score a goal, the team will expect the penalty taken by players for their spot-kick.

As many teams and many champions lost the matches at the end of the game because of the missed penalties. So, it would be better if the players were trained for the penalty spot-kick at the end of the training session.

Instead of dealing with the keeper in a pressure-filled ground, expect the penalties and practice for it will make you improve your techniques like kicking styles and speed. It will

Making small mistakes in a match will also lead you to penalties. This article will help you to learn the tricks and tips which can be used in the game of soccer and also will help you to escape from the penalties.

penality kick

Do more practice:

The more practice you do, the more hard work you put, the more effort you take… will make you a better player in penalties.

Most of the players, even the expert will struggle in the match for penalties because of the pressurized surroundings, which makes them miss the penalty.

It is advised that the players should practice often to face the opposing goalkeeper. While doing the spot-kick, keep calm and keep the focus on the ball.

So, practicing more on penalties will make the match win at the end of the game.

Construct your routine:

Construct your routine for the practice session. Acquaint your brain and body to make penalties and practice to go through for it.

By doing the same work repeatedly will make your brain focus more on that work and you will get used to that work 

Learn techniques:

Apart from practicing and constructing your routine, learning techniques will also be important for the game. Skills like focus, accuracy, and patience were precious for clearing penalties.

Kicking the football with the underfoot will give you better control and the accuracy strike. But, kicking the ball with laces increases the football speed and it is difficult to control.

Wrong run and wrong foot placement also lead you to penalties. So, improve the skills in which you feel low using different approaches and various techniques.

Aware of new approaches:

Some football players will go for power and speed technique, while other players will go for accuracy on kicking the football namely Bruno Fernandes and Sergia Ramos these players will go for a penalty kick called hop or panenka, shoot and skip technique.

However, the players should be aware of the football while shooting the penalty kick, because some may end in the outside or back of the net.

Many players use many techniques and tricks which will be comfortable for them. So, it will be better if you try various techniques and tricks to find the best approach which suits you.

Learn to fool the goalkeeper:

Even Though you have skills like accuracy, focus, and the smooth kick, it is important to know about the goalkeeper. Try to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the goalkeeper, so you can turn their weakness into a goal. 

Learn to fool the goalkeeper while you shoot your goal. Distract the goalkeeper by making eye contact, body movement, and your kicking style in one direction and shoot the kick in another direction, so that the goalkeeper will get confused and dive in the opposite direction.

Fix the goal spot:

Be calm and confident, don’t fall for the goalkeeper’s distracting tricks. Fix one spot to kick the goal and stick with it, changing the direction at the end of the game will not lead you to the goal.

Focus and steady:

Be focused and steady while kicking your football to the target, because most of the players will lose their control during the match particularly at the penalty kick.

Practicing often, using different approaches and techniques, adding football practice as a routine will help you to be confident and stress-free during the penalty kick.

penalty kick

Visualize success:

Visualize as the ball has already reached the net, you already scored the penalty kick and won the match, because visualizing success will give you confidence for the upcoming moment.

Visualization also gives you the idea of which direction you’re going to kick, so that you can fix which direction you’re going to shoot your penalty kick.


Hopefully, this article will give you a clear picture of soccer penalty kicks. The tips and tricks will definitely help you to improve your soccer sport.


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