At PGA tournaments, Taylor Made golf clubs Phenomenon are leading the total driver, iron counts, and fairway wood counts. Taylor Made golf clubs’ metal wood technology has advanced to the point that each golfer can have his or her own club. The Pittsburgh Persimmon, Tour Preferred, Burner, and Burner Bubble are all examples of metal wood technology. Those are considered high-performance devices. Taylor Made clubs have titanium clubheads, which make them highly robust but yet quite light to use.


Taylor Made’s metal wood golf clubs include the following models, each with unique qualities that are sure to please golfers:

R7 Fairway Woods

The Taylor Made R7 Fairway Woods is a golf club with a Taylor Made Launch Control (TLC) Port. TLC cartridges may be installed and removed, allowing users to change the CG location. Hence change the degrees of draws and fades, resulting in increased precision and distance.

Another Taylor Made golf club with a titanium clubhead that is easy to hit is the R5 Titanium Fairway. It contains permanent TLC cartridges.

V Steel Fairway Woods

V Steel Fairway Woods claims to be the most powerful, accurate, and versatile fairway woods on the market. The Taylor Made golf club is known for its V-shaped sole, which increases the force with which the sole contacts with the turf during impact.

Rescue Dual

Rescue Dual is a Taylor Made club with two TLC ports that are widely spaced for extra forgiveness when mishits occur. It has a redesigned T-shaped sole that contributes to higher clubhead stability and reduced drag at impact. Resulting in improved accuracy and distance. It’s a lot easier to launch than a long iron because of its low center of gravity (CG). Which results in shots that are higher and farther.

The Rescue Dual TP is best recognized for promoting the variation of degrees of the draw and fade thanks to. Its dual TLC port and Taylor Made’s movable weight technology. It allows for more forgiveness when viewed from a distance. The difference between Rescue Dual and Rescue Dual TP is that TP features. A higher center of gravity (CG) Phenomenon, which allows for a lower, penetrating ball flight that many experienced golfers prefer.

The Rescue Mid is believed to be Taylor Made’s breakthrough multipurpose club. It designed to be easier to handle than a long iron while delivering more distance. The remarkable performance of this golf club stems from its ability. To combine a high flash of inertia with a lower, deeper center of gravity. This results in maximum mishit forgiveness, a high launch angle, and a strong spin for high, long shots that stop swiftly.


Rescue Fairway

Rescue Fairway is a Taylor Made golf club Phenomenon with a low profile that contributes to the club’s low and deep center of gravity (CG). It’s designed to make hitting the ball high, long, and straight easier. This golf club features a double-sole design that enhances playability from a range of lies. It was designed by Taylor Made to launch at a high angle and with a lot of spin for long-carrying strokes that would wow any player.


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