I’ve taken up a new hobby after moving to the suburbs: Snowboarding is a lot of fun, and I got into it because I used it to surf when I lived near the beach, and when I moved away from the coast, I needed to find a new way to fulfill my need for an intense, white-knuckle sport. When I first arrived at my new college, everyone was speaking about snowboarding, and several of my peers thought it was a great hobby. I was more than willing to come along and participate when they asked if I offered to travel along.

Snowboarding Is My Favourite Pastime

My Best Experience

The next thing I knew, I was on the slopes, and I had to explain to all that I had no prior experience with the sport. They seemed to grasp the situation, and everyone was extremely helpful in discussing how to get started. In reality, there were so many people trying to tell me what to do that I found myself preferring to be taught by only one person at a time. The next thing I knew, I was sliding down the slope with no idea how to split or turn properly.

Okay, I’ll admit that getting tutoring from a group of teenagers wasn’t the best idea, but it did mean that I didn’t hold back on anything, and I got off to a great start. The truth is that you realize it’s all common sense, and the thrills are incredible. It’s like floating when you’re heading down a hill at 30 miles per hour and don’t have to exert much effort to accelerate.

Great Hobby For Everyone

Snowboarding is, in reality, something I love doing because it is a great social activity for everyone. I had recently relocated to a new city, and snowboarding provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet new people, and it is the reason why I am friends with the people with whom I hang out.

After a few visits to the slopes, my new friends and I have found more common ground, so we now enjoy other activities together, in addition to the occasional trip to the slopes! I would suggest snowboarding as a great hobby for everyone, particularly those who enjoy extreme sports or who enjoy the adventure. When you get interested, it’s even better because there’s a whole culture connected to it.



Some of my friends suggested I take up skiing, but I’m not sure I’ll do it. It’s almost as if you’re comparing a car and a motorcycle. A car may use less gas, be safer, and even turn corners more precisely, but what vehicle would you prefer to drive in for pure thrills? Skiing seems to be boring in comparison to snowboarding, and the more I learn about the sport, the more I agree.

I’m happy I relocated, and I’m glad I was able to find a sport that I love more than surfing. I’m hoping to start joining competitions soon, but first I need to play catch-up with my new friends!


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