The world isn’t restricted to traditional sports and is always inventing new, quite unusual techniques to boost one’s happiness and positivity -Thrilling Sports.

How Can You Broaden Your Sporting Horizons?

Racers of cheese

A cheese race can be organized. A cheese chase debuted in the English town of Cotswolds for the first time. The competition is defined by a head of cheese being lowered from a steep slope, which the players must catch in time.


The person who has the most time to grab the cheese head will be the winner. It should be emphasized that such a sport is traumatic, so make sure you have the bare minimum of safety: a helmet, gloves, and hand and foot protection.


Chessboxing is a sport that combines intellectual and physical activity. Chessboxing allows you to put your chess skills and strength in hand-to-hand fighting to the test. Chess rounds are sandwiched between boxing rounds. There are a total of 11 rounds in this game. The winners determined by who wins in chess or boxing.


Sepaktakrau appears in the chronicles of the 15th century for the first time, and events from the game are painted on the murals of a Thai temple. Football and volleyball collide at Sepaktakraw. Teams kick the ball over the net with their feet. Athletes place a premium on endurance and stretching. The aerial maneuvers, in which the athletes first grip the ball and then send it to the opponent’s side, are spectacular. This game played with a light (up to 180 grams) wicker ball by a three-person team.

Underwater hockey

Water treatments combined with hockey. Underwater hockey is great for scuba divers. The game itself played in a 2-meter deep thrilling pool.

Six people make up the team, whose outfitted with a plastic stick, mask, fins, and earplugs. The players’ goal the same as in regular hockey: to score the puck into the opponent’s goal, except this time it’s done underwater. The game divides into two 15-minute segments.

Roller derby is a sport in which skaters compete

Roller derby a roller-skating contact sport (wheels arranged in two rows). During a match, opponents roll around the track in a clockwise direction. The objective of the game is to get an advantage by defeating the opponent team’s defense. Roller derby is mostly a female-dominated sport. The contest consists of two half-hour periods, each separated into two-minute pieces, and the team consists of five players (jams). It is typical in this sport to come up with a fearsome nickname that expresses one’s inner condition.


Acrobatic training is the foundation of baseball. You have the option of hitting the ball with your hand or performing a fantastic stunt. There are four to five players on the team. The scoring system for baseball is unique. A team gets points for both volleyball and football criteria, and the total number of points earned added together. Surprising playground and thrilling baseball. Large inflated trampolines with a net in the center used for tournaments.


Hockey on a unicycle

The unicycle (unicycle) on which the participants move is what makes this sport special. Only the material distinguishes this bike from a circus bike. Most events take place in gyms. The smooth courts, and instead of a puck, use a tennis ball. The stick and goal are identical to those used by ice hockey players. The team consists of four field players. On a unicycle, the goalkeeper also guards the gate.


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