Ice skates or figure skates and hockey skates are two of the very popular tools which the ice skaters use a lot. Though they look similar for most people, there are some differences between them. Let’s know some of the main differences between them.

Ice Skates or Figure Skates

Ice skates or figure skates are one of the very popular things when we talk about skating on ice. The basic shape of this skate is like a boot joined or mounted on any little sled. This skate is preferred by those people who are either beginners in ice skating or they are just a kid and not mature enough. The reason behind this is many. Let’s know some of them.

Ice Skates

The Flat Edge Of The Base

The first reason for the preference of this over hockey skate is the shape of the edge of the base. In figure skates, the base edge is flat and not curved. Due to this, it helps the beginners or the kids to balance while practicing.

The Extended Length Of The Edge Behind The Boot

The length of the base in the ice skate is also a bit longer. With the help of this increased length, the practicing people find it easier to grab more portions of the surface, and hence it works quite well for them.

Toe Pick Ice Skates

This is also a great feature that makes this skate very different from hockey skates. With the help of this toe pick, the user can pick into the ice when required. Hence, this can help them to turn and jump with the help of support of ice after picking the toe in ice.

Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are also one of the best options to make the user slide on ice perfectly. However, this ice skate is not very good for the beginner. Some of the main reasons behind this are given below.

Short Edge

In figure or ice skates, we have seen that the length of the base is a bit longer. Here in hockey skates, it is not so. The base of the hockey skate is short in comparison with figure skates. Due to this, it does not support much in balancing while practicing. Therefore it is not advisable to start learning ice skating with the help of this.

Ice Skates short edge

Curved Edge In Ice Skates

The edge of the base of this type of skates is also not flat but curved. Therefore, it cannot help again to make balance while trying to learn ice skating.

Though hockey skating is not much good for new learners, it can be much better for experienced ice skaters. The curved edge of this helps the user a lot to jump, turn, slide quickly on the skate. Now since the base length is again not much, it helps the user to get good speed. This is so because when the less portion of the area of the skates remains in the touch of the ice, the less dragging force it applies then obviously the speed of the skater’s increases.


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